Dental implantology

Dental implant placement for replacing one or more missing teeth, either for supporting a bridge with several teeth on, or for supporting partial or full dentures.

Single tooth replacement

Modifying adjacent teeth to create a bridge is no longer the standard of care for replacing a single tooth.

A dental implant eliminates the need to violate your existing teeth, while giving you the look and feel of a natural tooth.

The implant replaces the missing tooth while giving longer healthier life to its neighboring teeth.

Multiple teeth replacement

Multiple dental implants replace uncomfortable partials by eliminating metal clasps and adhesives.

Partials rest on the gum leaving a void where your natural tooth roots once were, resulting in bone loss.

Implants mimic the natural tooth root keeping your adjacent teeth and jaw bone healthy in the long run.

Implant supported denture

Unsupported dentures rest on the gum tissue causing discomfort, irritation and pressure that ultimately lead to bone loss.

Dental implants stimulate the jaw bone and provide separation from the gum tissue, thereby, maintaining long-term bone quality.

Dental implants allow you to speak, chew and smile with confidence.